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"Young athletes will never know their true athletic potential unless they combine a hard work ethic with proper, balanced nutrition on their plates!"

Kyle Bellamy, Director of Football Performance and Nutrition, University of Miami

Balanced Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

Teams Meals is about providing the right nutrition for your body.
Meet Our Founder and President
"At Team Meals, we recognize the most important piece of equipment athletes have is their bodies. We are dedicated to the health and well-being of today’s young athletes. By providing ready-to-eat prepared meals developed in partnership with top athletic nutritionists, professional athletes and a world-class chef, Team Meals is committed to helping young athletes fuel their bodies the right way, ensuring peak performance on and off the field."
Nicholas Ferraro
Founder and President, Team Meals

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Healthy food is the most valuable equipment you can have to enhance your best performance.

By providing a balanced meal program that addresses dietary requirements pre-, mid- and post-game, athletes can achieve peak performance when it matters most.

Pre-Game Fuel-Up

Game Fuel Up

Pre-game fuel-up gives your body the early boost and energy needed to perform at the highest level.

Mid-Game Recharge

Post-Game Recovery

Recharging your body during your game or workout maintains strength, both in body and mind.

Post-Game Recovery

Post-Game Recovery

Your body needs to recover properly in order to build stronger bones, muscles and growth plates.

Why Team Meals?

  • ALL


  • 100% NATURAL All natural, all the time. No artificial flavors, colors or refined sugars. Created by noted nutritionists and award-winning chefs, giving you a wide-variety menu each week.

  • DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY Prepared according to our strict guidelines and standards. Only the freshest ingredients to ensure you get the proper nutrients, carbohydrates and protein in every meal.

  • INCREDIBLY FRESH Delivered fresh and ready-to-eat. Cooked to order every time and packed and shipped to you in dry ice to ensure freshness.

  • MIND FIRST Providing delicious meals that enhance your performance while building your body and mind.


Help young athletes achieve peak performance, both in body and mind, through healthy eating.

"As a young player traveling the country, I worked hard at all my skills to be the best player I could be. I worked my way through youth baseball, college baseball and finally made it to the pros. Looking back, I realized the biggest training mistake my teammates and I made was that we did not eat right. We ate less than healthy options every day, and I feel that if I fed my body better when I was younger, I would have been that much healthier and less prone to injuries and fatigue. Team Meals has the right combination of nutrition to prepare your body, keep it running during a game or practice, and to help it start the recovery process. That combination is what will help you achieve your greatest goals on the field and off the field. Eat right, train right and achieve your goals."

Kyle Bellamy

Director of Football Performance and Nutrition

University of Miami

"As a player in youth, college and Major League Baseball, I know firsthand that proper nutrition made the difference for me. As a trainer, coach and camp owner, I have also seen firsthand that today’s families are moving so quickly every day that their food choices are less than healthy. Team Meals takes the guesswork, time and labor out of 'what to eat.' Just order, and their chefs and nutritionists will prepare great-tasting meals delivered right to your door. There are no more excuses for not feeding your body right. Team Meals is the answer."

BJ Benik
Affiliate Relations Consultant